Thursday, September 29, 2005


Episode #9 - Don't Phunk With My Words

Protesters, Bosses and Maketers agree - you can't mess with the right to speak out. You can make your words count though and we take an in-depth look at why that is. Vingetts courtesdy of Yeast Radio and of course Martha Watch yets yiddish!

Show Notes:
I) Words can't get in the way
II) Jared Gets Another Review of the Show
III) Rules of Language
IV) Game Plan: Save a Techie - Write a Letter


Referenced Links
Yeast Radio
AMAZON: The Elements of Copywriting
AMAZON: Teach Yourself Copywriting

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

New Website + RSS/iTunes Feed

As I mentioned I am, for all intensive purposes, decomissioning this web site...

We have created a brand new web site to host the blog AND the podcast with more features, goodies, and ways to interact than ever before.

Please visit

If you recieved the special audio clip that specified you need a new feed...AND ONLY IF YOU RECIEVED THAT CLIP...
here are the links to the new RSS & iTunes Feeds:


Just Click Here To Subscribe To The NEW Feed!

Copy This Feed Into Your Program Where It Asks For RSS/Subsription Feed:

The new feeds will allow you more content than ever....Thanks for your co-operation!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Bonus Vidcast - Trivia Hunt at the National Zoo

This is your zoo, this is your zoo during a trivia scavenger hunt - any questions? Yeah, I went a bit nuts with the rapid transitions but this should be good for a laugh. As always - comments apreciated -!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Episode #8 – Process, Passion, and the Pundits

We will simul-blog untill the end of September - then all posts will go to 20SOMETHINGMARKETING.COM

There is process in the passion and we are out to prove that marketing is more than just pretty pictures. Guest contributor Ethan ( gives us a process primer, Jared unveils BIG NEWS, and first installment of MARTHA-Watch!

Show Notes
I) Walmart in your brain
II) Interview: Ethan, The Process Master from
V) Game Plan: Process is the POINT

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Friday, September 16, 2005

An empty department and bored out of my skull...

My boss is in Puerto Rico, our graphic designer is celebrating her birthday, and our Sr. Writer/Marketing Director is it just me and our Executive Vice President in the department today.

What a better day to get things done!

As long as we are on the subject of getting things done, lets give it up for Episode #7 that has just broken my standing record for 30 unique listeners. Here are some other fun facts about the 20SMF and how its doing...

- Episode #7 has broken through 30 listeners
- Unique Blog Visits are Up to 100+/week
- Readers include folks in DC, California, 10 Other States, Canada, Italy, Poland & Belgium

As I mentioned in Ep #7, Hubris leads ultimately to your downfall. I am excited though that so many people find what I have to say and present on the 20SMF useful.

Thanks to the people who read this blog and listen to the podcast. All I can say is keep reading, keep listening, and next week you'll see that I have such a big announcement about the 20SMF.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Episode #7 - Overachievers Among Us

How many overachieving geeks does it take to create a fantastic podcast? Just one apparently… Welcome to my insanity and quite possibly one of the funniest and on point of the series.

Show Notes:
I) Overachievers Do It Before Your Know You Needed It
II) Underachiever/Overachiever Stories
III) Olsen Twins Get Trumped, Dawn and Drew Can’t Make Money
IV) Listener Mail, Viral Marketing, Big News

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Friday, September 09, 2005

The Blogger's 2 Cents....A Challenge

Hey Folks...

Lately on my podcast, I have mentioned giving to the red cross to benefit hurricane victims. Its important to note that helping and giving is a lifetime commitment - not just for extreme emergencies.

Therefore a'la David Zinger and his 2 Cent Challenge - since we know that talk is cheap but blogging is even cheaper - for the rest of the year I will donate 2 Cents to charity for every word blogged.

If you blog, I challenge you to do the same!

This of course comes not by way of me but of Ethan at The Vision Thing proving once again - this blog needs to seriously contemplate original ideas at some point ;).

PS - this entry just garnered $2.40 for charity

Performance as Your Trump Card

David Ignatius makes a great point about performance vs. Rhetoric in his op-ed column from the Washington Post today.

"The new politics isn't about values; it isn't about settling scores. It's about performance. It's about putting a wounded, shaken country back on its feet, much as Franklin Delano Roosevelt did in his famous First Hundred Days," writes Ignatius.

That puts into words something I have been feeling about how 20-Something's can play their trump card - performance. When the rubber meets the road - where are you?

In the next week, I will try to distill this into one show that will highlight the ability of 20-Somethings to GET THINGS DONE.

Don't ever think success, political or otherwise, is made out of anything but your ability to perform. Beyond the rhetoric, beyond the hype - its going to be if you can get it done that's going to keep you 'in-style' at work and as a rising 20-something star.